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Is a Gondola Ride in Venice worth the cost

Is a Gondola Ride in Venice worth the cost?

Answers to all of your questions about riding a Gondola in Venice.

What is the Cost

  • Daytime Gondola Ride 40 minutes: €80
  • Night Time Gondola Ride 40 minutes: €100

The above is the price we paid. Because it was not busy while we visited, we did get a daytime price at sunset.

Tip: Have cash on hand. You can’t put this one on your credit card.


Expect the gondola tour to include some backwaters, the Grand Canal, and seeing Venice from a different viewpoint.

Our Gondola Driver smoked cigarettes and was on his phone for part of the ride. Neither bothered us, but this is an Instagram photo vs. reality detail that should be mentioned.

He did answer all of our tourist questions and pointed out notable building history on the Grand Canal. He did verify that, indeed, “most” of Venice’s buildings are empty. Mostly due to the cost of living and the price of a property and the renovations.

Venice Gondola FAQ

Where is the best place to start s Gondola Ride in Venice?

Consider what you want to see on your Gondola Ride. Don’t be afraid to ask the route they will take. If you start in a major tourist area like Saint Mark’s, you might have to wait in line for your turn. We found one while wandering the back streets.

What time of day should I ride a Gondola?

  • Morning is quieter during the high season and allows you to avoid the midday summer heat.
  • Sunset is beautiful. They call it the magic hour for a reason.

Is a Venice Gondola Ride Price negotiable?

In general, no.

How many people can ride together on a gondola tour?

6 Passengers

Can I pre-book a Gondola Ride in Venice?

Yes, I found several online booking options. Pre-booking is usually more expensive, but it might be worth it if you are short on time.

Yes, a Gondola Ride in Venice worth the cost!

Was it Romantic?

Not really. But I made it look very romantic on an Instagram Reel.

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