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Italy Trip Cost

How Much Does a 10 Night/4 City Trip to Italy Cost

Be honest. You want to know. Good News. I will let you know.

Fact. This trip can be done for more and it can be done for less. I am naturally a budget-friendly kind of girl, but I can tell you did not mind the budget on this one. We saw tons of old stuff. And we did a lot of cool stuff. We consumed as much Food, Wine, and Gelato as we could.

**Hilton Honors Points were used for one night’s stay at the Venice Airport Hilton. We used Venture One Points to pay for most of the Comfort Plus plane tickets.

Our Total Italy Trip Cost

**5442.54 cash + 2676.19 points/rewards

Italy Trip Cost Breakdown

Plane Tickets – 2561.19 – points $2717.10
Train ITALOTRENO to Rome $192.31
Train TRENITALIAS to Cinque Terre $155.02
Train Cinque Terre $37.61
Train to Florence $42.34
Train to Venice $181.07
Taxi/Uber $34.35
Lime Bikes $41.90
Bus/Trams $76.64
TOTAL $917.15
AirB&B Venice 2-nights $247.96
AirB&B Rome 2-nights $278.33
AirB&B Riomaggiore 2-nights $257.15
AirB&B Florence 3-nights $350.95
Venice Airport Hotel 23,000 points, $115 night value 1-night $115
TOTAL $1134.36
US Airports $60.59
Venice $315.31
Rome $278.27
Riomaggiore $269.49
Florence $622.18
Venice – US Airport $243.59
TOTAL $1789.43
Grocery $144.98
Gift shop / Souvenir $228.13
Museum $214.12
Vatican $172.68
Store Your Bag $31.69
Cash $810.00
TOTAL $1601.60

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